maandag 19 maart 2012

Kobenhavn - Jægersborggade

Wow. So long with no new updates. I've been busy working on some nice projects I'll soon tell all about. And after all the deadlines there was: A short vacation! 

I've visited my dear friend Laura in Kopenhagen and she took us to this small upcoming, messy street in  Nørrebro-area, that I really want to share with you. We had a not so sunny start on thursday, but it kept getting better by the day. We ended up in the park on monday, enjoying Denmarks early spring... But first something about Jægersborggade:

1: Shop which sells T-shirts from Timber with cool prints, lipgloss with a fifties look and organic lotions. My Favourite Things, Jægersborggade 45

2: Shop I forgot the name, but sells bamboo kitchen supplies, also the very famous spork (spoon/fork in one) And sells these beautiful leather schoolbags in awesome colors....

3: Shop that sells prints: digital, etches, linocuts, screenprints. I've never seen more prints on less space. Went in to leave my postcards as a give away, I got out with 55 kroner in my pocket: they now sell Image de Julie postcards!! CMYK Kld, Jægersborggade 51

4: Nice bookshop-window.

5: Bought delicious smelling and tasty cinnamon rolls. And ate them too!

6: funny stickers on someones door.

And for more details on this area, check this site.

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