donderdag 26 juni 2014

London calling

I spent 6 days in London.
By myself...

Had a lot of time to walk and drink coffee. Visit museum, and oke, do a little shopping, and my god, I finally had time to think, I can't share all my thoughts here, but it felt quite liberating to spend a few days without my loved boyfriend A. and loved baby A. (being back home again was also nice...)

Luckily I had plannend some social activities as well, my friend Kim lives in London and she took me to a ´new and undiscovered´ neighbourhood (at least by the hordes of tourists) Dalston and Stoke Newington. Which were both faboulous, but I planned to only show you some pics of a small and nice museum on the South Bank: The Fashion and Textile Museum. It had a exhibition on the Rebozo, a mexican scarf. I learned all there was to know about it, and made pictures about everything else in the museum... I just love Mexican folklore. Actually anykind of folklore.

This is a screenshot of an app that helps you get from point A, to point B. It's called Citymapper and it's free. It shows you which ways of public transport you can use, or how long it takes if you walk, or take a car. It even has a funny extra choice of transport: teleporter or catapult. 

The flyer showed a picture of Frida Kahlo, on of my favourite female artists, so I hoped to see a lot of her, or her work. There was a huge papier maché sculpture of her and Diego, but not much more on her... 

It was beautifully made, though!
With pretty details.

Detail of a painting.

I loved the way things were displayed, and that it wasn't only rebozo's that were displayed, but also old photos, paintings an new designers and their vision on the rebozo.

I did my best to read all there was, and watch all the video's on how the are made. And I managed to spent an hour there... It is really a small museum. But a truly charming one.

woensdag 4 juni 2014

Linden Market

Last time I was in Nijmegen for the Linden Market, I made the mistake of trying to get a piece of cake áfter 15.00 There was nothing left to eat, alle the cakes we're allready sold out. So, this time I bought myself cake at every stand before the market officially starts. Here's my first cup of coffee, with a piece of vegan chocolate pie, and a cheesy fig pie. The last one was DELICIOUS! I bought an other piece just after eating this one. You know, because it's not only pie, it's lunch!

 (studio Zipp from Nijmegen was present, I just love her work)

(her needlepoint on canvas are beauties!)

(and she now sells Image de Julie cards in her new store!!)

 Another stand that caught my eye: selling slices of stones..

And here's where I laughed soooo hard and all the designs made me happy: Flying Dutchman Designs! Joyce sells crochet patterns all over the world. And all of here designs, which she ofcourse has to make first were on sale. Lucky me. I bought myself a string of red crochet sausages. Ultimately happy here...

 (more from flying dutchman designs)

  (more from flying dutchman designs)

 (and even more jummy.)