woensdag 29 oktober 2014

Time goes by

Wow. Just realized that June was a long time ago. So was my last post here....

I'm happy to say that life keeps me busy. Work, a lot of work, my family and my friends. I've spent hours in my garden, but not nearly enough to make it a nice looking garden. I've spent hours and days selling my prints on markets. I've spent hours standing next to a slide on a playground somewhere. I've spent a lot of hours working late and finishing work for clients. I've spent hours and days working on our house. But I haven't spent hours on my blog. I ran out of hours. And I'm afraid the amount of hours in a day are not changing soon, I won't blog a lot here :(

You're welcome to follow me on Instagram. I've spent some hours there these last months, and it's a place I like!

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