woensdag 28 mei 2014

Princenhage - thrift shopping finds/catch of the day

This is post ONE HUNDRED!

I'm currently working on 4 projects at once, but can't show you guys anything yet.... So. Here is my catch of the day:

I got up at 5.45 in the morning to welcome the babysitter at 6. Antoine and I went together for a change. Our equivallent of a romantic date ;) Usually I'm the secondhand-crazy one. But the Princenhage Market could also be a good place to find things he loves (tools, machine parts, nudes, about anything made out of metal)


So we woke up early, got our bikes and headed out to what was going to be a wonderful and sunny day. Six seems very early, and most of my friends arrive after nine, but we are just keen on finding supercool and quirky stuff. Early bird usually finds more.. And we are not the only ones. After eight it gets crowded, and at eleven you really want to head out.

I just cleaned my workspace and got rid of a lot of small thingies I've collected over the years. And suddenly I find myself buying 5 houses. I think I'm starting a new collection...

And before moving, I cleared out most of my small vases. Just to buy new ones this sunday. 

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