dinsdag 8 april 2014

Unleash the dragon

Wow. I just had a perfect sunday at Lindenmarket in Nijmegen. The people were friendly, I sold loads of my prints, ate a good tosti made by the tosti-boys, ran into Philomeen and even the parking was really close to the market ;) 

All good things.

Makes me happy and makes me want to go to more (creative) markets. This sunday I saw Wilma from studio Zipp. I LOVE her work, especially the brooches she makes. Have bought them several times. They are so raw, unpolished, colorful and (well I like my brooches big) pretty huge! (have to make a picture when I get home...)

So today I decided to registrate to a few more markets:
13 April, Mercado, Breda
21 April, Swan Market Rotterdam
4 May, Swan Market Antwerp
11 May, Goodies & Foodies, Breda
25 May, Markt van Morgen, Antwerp
1 June, Lindenmarket, Nijmegen
9 June, Nassaudag Grote Kerk, Breda
28 June, Zelfgemaakte Markt, Utrecht

(i haven't had response from all these markets yet, but I intend to partcipate in these)

(Photo's taken in my workplace: The plastic dogs collection belonged to my deceased grandmother. They were collectables, found in noodles, flour etc. I'm not much of a dogperson, but just love little plastic collectable thingy's.)