zondag 21 oktober 2012


I've allready spend hours eyeing the pretty-pretty things in the museum. Anything from old Bollywood posters from the fifties, to plastic faucets from India, to Pakistan bike and truck decorations, to orange displays, to plastic figures, to electronical temples for Hindu gods. (Casa Maria is a store in Breda that sells interior and household goods from exotic places such as Mexico and India. To celebrate it's 15th anniversary a museum was made to show off some of the special finds owner Annemarie took home with her whilst purchasing goods for her store. Open from 15 to 30 october, monday 13-18, tuesday- friday 10-18, saturday 10-17, Ginnekenweg 71, Breda)
Or read this Dutch blogpost about the museum here: http://www.casamariabreda.blogspot.nl/2012/10/het-15-jaar-casa-maria-museum.html

oh yeah. And nothing from the museum is for sale. How about that in these we-want-everything-we-see-and-everything-is-for-sale-consuming-times?


Marche aux puces

One of my biggest passions is visiting fleamarkets. I adooooooore watching peoples junk. And I often end up buying a lot of it too. I wanted to share some of my best and most recent fleamarket finds.

I keep buying plaster figures. Here's my new and small collection: Knitting girl bought in Kopenhagen (DK) , Lion in Turnhout (BE), Dove in Alblasserdam (NL) and Dog in Wuustwezel (BE). I tend to visit fleamarkets wherever I am.

Plastic Elephant bought in Turnhou (BE), Wooden rabbit figure (can't remember..) They teamed up in my workspace, and are inseperateble since then.

I first thought that the Marie figure was made from wood, but then found out it was a heavy plastic-y material. That made me be a bit less carefull with it... oh-oo. And ACCIDENTLY Baby Jesus' neck started crumbling down (because I sort of placed it in a box and placed more things on top of that..). Then my sweet boyfriend repaired it with his magic sculptering skills. All it needed then was a touch of virgin blue paint! (bought in Hoogstraaten, BE) Vases also bought there, they were just perfect how I found them.

maandag 8 oktober 2012


This year, Annemieke Pecht, Mieke Driessen and myself teamed up again to make a new children's book. This time about a mouce named Raffie and his wish for Christmas. It will be out this october! De kerstwens van Raffie.

And the book we made last year is still for sale offcourse. Third edition allready! Wow! It's about Stinkie (a street dog) and Sinterklaas: Read about them in Hoe het komt dat Sinterklaas nooit koude voeten heeft.

Baby room

Made a few pictures of the babyroom last week. The light was so nice that day, and I wanted to make some pictures for ages (or at least 4 weeks). Babyroom is located in a corner of our livingroom.

Metal cradle and dresser from boyfriends family. Painted dresser in this beautiful green, bought new handles and boyfriend made new wooden 'legs'. Refurbished cradle and added dark blue poppers.

Boyfriend bought the gorilla recently on a flea market. Illustrations from Depeapa were waiting to be framed in these convex glass frames bought on fleamarket in Kopenhagen. I made the card to announce baby A's birth.

Icebear (left) and lion (right) are fleamarket finds, green frogshaped soap was a gift, plastic dear was gift from mother in law. Handles on dresser are from Casa Maria. Oilcloth with day-of-the-dead-print (skeletons cycling!!! from mexico) in drawers also from Casa Maria.

Yellow framed mirror from fleamarket. Knitted stuffed animal knitted by women in Kenia.

Some cool baby cards for baby A. too cool to stow away. Lavender from my mothers garden (relaxing scent) and my selfmade mobile.