zondag 21 oktober 2012

Marche aux puces

One of my biggest passions is visiting fleamarkets. I adooooooore watching peoples junk. And I often end up buying a lot of it too. I wanted to share some of my best and most recent fleamarket finds.

I keep buying plaster figures. Here's my new and small collection: Knitting girl bought in Kopenhagen (DK) , Lion in Turnhout (BE), Dove in Alblasserdam (NL) and Dog in Wuustwezel (BE). I tend to visit fleamarkets wherever I am.

Plastic Elephant bought in Turnhou (BE), Wooden rabbit figure (can't remember..) They teamed up in my workspace, and are inseperateble since then.

I first thought that the Marie figure was made from wood, but then found out it was a heavy plastic-y material. That made me be a bit less carefull with it... oh-oo. And ACCIDENTLY Baby Jesus' neck started crumbling down (because I sort of placed it in a box and placed more things on top of that..). Then my sweet boyfriend repaired it with his magic sculptering skills. All it needed then was a touch of virgin blue paint! (bought in Hoogstraaten, BE) Vases also bought there, they were just perfect how I found them.

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