dinsdag 13 mei 2014

Swan Market Antwerp: report

I finally sat down to go through the pictures taken in Antwerp of the first (!) and really succesful Swan Market on Grote Markt, Antwerp. I was so busy all day, chatting about my work, wrapping prints people just bought and had almost no time to enjoy the beautiful weather we had. I only made two pictures I posted on my FB. Luckily Floris and Annemarie (from hetfiliaal.com and casamariabreda.nl ) made a small report and I picked a few to show to you. It was a magical place! Look!

The people from the orange van had soooo much cool vintage and retro stuff. Bought some new, vintage 60ties shorts for Baby A.

(Oke, I wasn't working THAT hard all day. I had time to model in the chairs ;)

(all the pictures I post from my stall at all these markets look the same, I know. This might be the last picture..)

(oke, one more from the front then)

(sold a lot of screenprinted items that day. Antwerp loves original handmade work)

 (chatting with the neighbour)

(and suddenly the place became crowded. Really, really crowded.)

(lots of people that day :)

All pictures are taken by Floris from hetfiliaal.com

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