woensdag 4 juni 2014

Linden Market

Last time I was in Nijmegen for the Linden Market, I made the mistake of trying to get a piece of cake áfter 15.00 There was nothing left to eat, alle the cakes we're allready sold out. So, this time I bought myself cake at every stand before the market officially starts. Here's my first cup of coffee, with a piece of vegan chocolate pie, and a cheesy fig pie. The last one was DELICIOUS! I bought an other piece just after eating this one. You know, because it's not only pie, it's lunch!

 (studio Zipp from Nijmegen was present, I just love her work)

(her needlepoint on canvas are beauties!)

(and she now sells Image de Julie cards in her new store!!)

 Another stand that caught my eye: selling slices of stones..

And here's where I laughed soooo hard and all the designs made me happy: Flying Dutchman Designs! Joyce sells crochet patterns all over the world. And all of here designs, which she ofcourse has to make first were on sale. Lucky me. I bought myself a string of red crochet sausages. Ultimately happy here...

 (more from flying dutchman designs)

  (more from flying dutchman designs)

 (and even more jummy.)

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