woensdag 9 februari 2011

Lamp of plastics, broken stuff, garbage & childhood memories

When I was in Paris 1,5 year ago I visited a gallery that showed art made of plastic disposed kitchen utensils. The idea stuck with me, and I've been collecting plastics and broken toys since then, hoping to make a curtain of plastics. After all this time collecting it's still not enough to make a curtain, but it was enough for two lamps:

A few weeks ago I made these 2 lamps. One for the bathroom, in reds, oranges and pinks that go wonderfull with the red walls and the Hedof screenprint.

The other one is a lot bigger and is one of the two lamps above the desk in my workroom. With stuff like: milkbottle caps, emptied desertcups, old watch bought in Barcelona, broken toys, smurfs, spongebob, badminton shuttle, plastic banana, soccer puppet, plastic deer, etc.

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