donderdag 17 november 2011

Bjoetifoel gift!

Wouldn't this make a nice present for someone special, or yourself?

Special thanks to my headless' models!

I made these two designs with a matrousjka like figure in mind. It had to be decorative, folkloric and sweet. First one in the series is: Poisson Rouge, holding her goldfish in a somewhat dreamy state. I used tangerine and marroon ink. Second one is the quirky girl in a hearts covered dress, holding her two rabbits. Lapins is printed in banana, flesh-pink and a burgundic purple-red ink.

'Poisson Rouge' (left, edition of 19)) & 'Lapins' (right, edition of 22) are both screenprints, signed, numbered and handprinted on white 250 grams paper. Print size is app. 20X30 cm, on 40X50 paper to fit that size border. And because we're talking about handmade artworks, no prints are alike.

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