woensdag 11 januari 2012

paper lovin'

Just wanted to share these photos with you.. first one is a shot of just a few of my notebooks I've collected throughout the years. As you may guess, these are not used, and will probably never, the're way to pretty to write in!

Left to right first row: Casa Maria, Dille & Kamille, Casa Maria, Wibra. Second row: Casa Maria, Oxford (bought at Carrefour) one I got from a friend, Casa Maria, Dille & Kamille. Last row: Casa Maria, Sukie (bought at Sissy boy years ago), Studio Tickle (bought at Guten Appetit) Casa Maria, and gift from a friend that went to China.

And a few snapshots from things in my studio. Left: African puppet is one of my latest thriftstore findings. It's all combined onto one big, colorful, souvenir, folkloric wall of quirky stuff.  Right upper corner: a glass cup of gorillas, which I just started collecting. Right down corner: a detail of illustration I made.

1 opmerking:

  1. Heel herkenbaar, ik heb ontzettend veel leuk notitieboekjes, maar ik vind het altijd zonde om ze te gebruiken.