dinsdag 21 mei 2013

My weekend in pictures


Opening Urlaub in Utrecht, a new illustration and concept store from Ellen Vesters. We arrived too late to meet up with people we knew, and were forced to make new aquintances ;) You can find pictures of some of the nice things Urlaub sells. (it's actually my wishlist..)


Visited the Bric a Brac market in Lingebos, a french themed fleamarket. Made absolutely no pictures there, only mental ones.. Bought a Richard scarry book, a red leather sholderbag and some tiny plastic monkeys for my evergrowing collection of small plastic monkeys. (what am I going to do with them??)


Packed up all my stuff in a small car, and travelled to Utrecht. Sun all day, friendly people, sold a lot of my designs, met new people, a fun day at Utrechtse Fabriek!


This time I packed up all my stuff and walked 200 meters to de Grote Kerk in Breda. Had a fun day as well, in a somehow special place for the Home made market, organised by B in Motion during Nassau dag.

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