maandag 12 augustus 2013

This summer: STOP/START

(see my sad face.. while I'm cleaning up my window..)

When we bought a new house this spring, I knew it was going to be a busy summer. Blogpost were amongst the things that dissapeared from my agenda... I don't like change too much, so cleaning up the window in my old workspace, removing the drawings that had been there for quite some time and made my world visible for the outside world was rather difficult. Luckily I'm all about clean, fresh starts. And my new workspace was just like that!

I found a pin on Pinterest I REALLY liked. It looked like a lot of work, it was even more work than it looked like :(  But the best time to paint the floor, is when the space is empty. And it was going to be cramped in no time, with all my boxes of stuff I use for making stuff. But here's a picture of an emty workspace. I'll post new ones when I've tidied up a bit. Looks more like a garage or storageroom now. But a nice one in the garden surrounded with green. Lot's of green.

(the picture on the right is all blurry.. took it with my phone, after I smutzed the lens with my dirty fingers.. sorry)

Photo's from our new house will appear from now and then on this blog. As soon as things start to be showable..

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