maandag 12 augustus 2013

TURNHOUT - thrift shopping finds

I love a good find. And even like it more if it is a bargain.
All the stuff shown on picture above just cost me 8 euro 20

(pillowcase with beautiful african print with ladies in printed dresses and flowers. Cost: 0,50)

vintage metal box with Belgium Royal couple (i think??) Costs: 0,50)
(scoop: In september I will be doing a 'metal box-workshop' based on my Ma Belle Boite. It will take place in a monumental building in Breda, during Open Monumenten Dag.. During the workshop you'll transform an old metal box into something worthy of keeping your old photos, loveletters, jewelry or other special finds)

(And then this one!! An Alain Gree illustrated book (whoohoo) Filled with nice drawings. Cost: 1,00)

(this is from the same book. Just look at the trees...and colours..)

(one more from the Alain Gree book. And one from the french-dutch dictionairy we plan to use with our son A. since I was brought up bi-langual. Cost: 3,00 for the big book, 0,20 for the smaller one)

And the skirt cost me 0,50 (I allready have one in a different colour, but it's my favourite)
The vintage metal frame cost 2,00 and will go fine with ALL the others I have..

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  1. Ja ons koningspaar van vroeger, boudewijn en fabiola. Goh dat alain gree boek had ik ook wel willen vinden!