dinsdag 18 februari 2014

Things I´m currently working on...(1)

I tried to follow up on some good advise I've been given recently. Since I have so many different projects to do, and litlle time to do them in, I keep jumping from one thing to an other. Not doing them properly. Not giving them my proper attention, is better phrased. And offcourse not finishing any of the projects I lay my hands on. A friend told me to work in blocks. That way one week ends up being Thrift-painting-upcycling-week, and another gets to be: preparing for market season.

Last week I worked on old painings, faded, damaged or dicarded and turned them into new and better versions. This slightly boring painting with a nice frame turned into a happy pink cloud:

I was happy to have kept a  detail of the painting that I liked... the girl in the 'a'.

I'm not a great fan of pink, but the words 'choose happy' and pink seemed to belong together. And I can imagine it ending up somewhere to brighten up somebodies day. 

An other one I made was one of the flower-series. Beautiful print behind glass, but... missing the wow, the yeah and the aaaahhh. It was a bit.... boring. So I made it into a cleverly gift, with the tekst ´Honey, if you were flowers, i´d pick a bunch of you´. It´s spraypainted onto the glass.

And ofcourse I made more. But I´m saving them up for next time.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Super tip van je vriend :-) heel herkenbaar ook
    De veelheid van projecten doet mij soms gewoon blokkeren

    Ben benieuwd naar meer, de bloemen vind ik heeeel mooi


  2. Vandaag 2 artprints gekocht, vind je ontwerpen erg mooi! Zo ook de flower serie. Ik ben benieuwd waar ze te koop zijn en wat de prijs is.

    1. Ha Natalie! De flowerprint, (met sjabloon op glas) is onderdeel van een serie gelijke werken. Mail me nog even, zodat ik je een foto kan toesturen en meer info kan geven.