zondag 30 maart 2014

Musical surroundings

A few years ago, I was a bassplayer in a punkband. I was horrible at it, so when I was kicked out of the band, I only shed some tears because of my hurt ego...

 Instruments look like cool accessoires, I pretend that I would know what to do with them.

These photo's are taken at Dijkmans muziek, in Breda. Two years ago I did a mural painting there, and also painted the counters. Last year, my boyfriend A. made this incredibly cool cabinet, from glass, steel and dirty-looking wood. It locks away a special 1955 Gibson JP Standerd Gold Top. (I just like the shinyness of it..)

 Really love the bold and colorful ones!

 One of the counters I did.

 A cabinet full of colorfull boxes. Ha, just wish I just knew what they all did..

 The mural painting in front of the store. It's huuuuge!

The other counter I did.

More of the colorful musical thingy's

The whole cabinet. First picture (at the top) has guitars hanging on a metal and dirty-looking wood wall. That's also made by my A. Isn't he just wonderful... :D

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